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Hey everyone.

Ive been using and learning alot from Speckle and one thing ive always wanted to build is a similar app to speckle manager. I understand its not open source but would you (or anyone from the community) be willing to guide me on the path to implementing something similar, the general workflow that happens in the background, best practices and lessons learned? Ive looked at things like Squirrel, .NetSparkle, Clowd.Squirrel etc but dont think these are suitable.

Could you share with us some insights or tips on how to go on creating something similar for our in-house plugins? If this is something that cant be shared, I understand.


Hey @melsawy93 there are a few easy ways to build a custom Speckle Manager, but to describe what it is will give you a good idea where to look.

All our Connectors are automagically built by a CI pipeline that builds the code, runs an installer builder and publishes all the installers to a single place: https:://releases.speckle.systems.

This is then not only available as a website, but also an RSS feed, a list of the releases, the platforms they support, version and status.


Inside Manager you will have seen our blog posts(?) well that is Manager acting as a RSS news feed reader. The releases are just handled in a slightly different way.

Aside from that there isn’t much to say about how it works that isn’t written here: 👮‍♂️ There Is A New Manager In Town . Which goes a little bit more into the challenges Manager overcomes.

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Thanks this is exactly what I need, I somehow missed it. Thanks alot for your help @jonathon. I might come with a few questions later!