Speckle like viewer


I am building a web app using vue 3 where I want to include a viewer much like the CommitObjectViewer from speckle. I have integrated the Speckle Viewer but am wondering if you have a reference that strips out the other dependencies form the speckle frontend. Maybe some thing like a single file component or single folder that could be included in to ones project.
I’m just checking to see if there is a simpler way then rewriting the interface or copying the CommitObjectViewer.vue file and then fixing all the missing references.

Leave aside the CommitObjectViewer; to see if I have understood you correctly:

  • You wish to have a simple example Vue component that loads in a speckle object/objects and displays them with no chrome or UI.

Are you looking for any of the controls, sectioning, lighting, or comments?
Are you looking to apply your own colour theme?

Hi @jonathon,

I have gotten as far as having a simple vue component that loads an object/objects. (first image)

What I am interested in are some of the UI components: loading additional commits, filters, object details and comments to be exact. (second image)
Further it would be nice to copy some of the look and feel of the actual speckle viewer so as to make the transition easier for users.
I should be able to figure out how to write it from scratch but was interested if there was a shortcut :slight_smile:
In regards to the color theme and lighting. In theory yes, I might end up messing with it. But for now It’s not a priority.

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There isn’t a Viewer-Lite™ available, and yet you seem to be excellently building from the core components. :star: The original Vue view you identified has some more of those UI elements you need.

Shout if you hit any roadblocks.


Thanks, I’ll start writing my own and will see how far I get with that.

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