Speckle+Langchain AI

I’m quite excited to reveal something I’ve been working on - a webhook connection between Speckle and a Langchain server, which transforms the design data handling experience by introducing an AI assistant right in the comment threads.

Langchain, if you’re unfamiliar, is a framework built around large language models like ChatGPT. It provides the means to create a custom AI agent, capable of tackling a variety of tasks. These tasks are governed by rules that we set and carried out using the plugins and tools we supply.

In the current demo, except for providing the AI with the capability to query data from Speckle, I’ve also implemented a feature that ingests attachments. This allows the AI to extract relevant information from these documents, aiding it in solving the task at hand. But this is just the beginning. Imagine the possibilities for future development, which could include leveraging resources such as Wikipedia, comprehensive web browsing capabilities, advanced data analysis, and much more.

While this integration is still in its early stages, I hope that it can enable a more streamlined, intelligent, and interactive approach to design data management. I plan on making it accessible to the Speckle community which is why I would love to receive your feedback. Is this something you find useful? What additional features would you like to see?


Phenomenal work Jon. :exploding_head:

Are you happy for us to share this on our channels?

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Thank you for your kind words. Absolutely! I just need an hour or so to prepare a new video.


Super cool, I’m blown away @ecpcns3g - thanks for sharing!
What inspired you to develop this?



Thank you! Well, we’re in 2023 and it feels like everything should come with an AI chat feature, so I simply couldn’t resist when I saw the live comment feature… :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, while chatting may not be the most productive method for every use case, I find it to be an engaging and easy-to-understand way of interacting with AI. As the technology matures, I see vast opportunities for “behind-the-scenes-tasks” like streamlining data collection, cleaning, and analysis. I work with BIM data management daily, and it often seems like the greatest challenge for the customer is simply keeping track of everything. Just as tools like PowerBI have simplified data interpretation, I believe AI will change the way we consume and interact with data.

Just imagine the potential when all previously ‘unstructured’ data - from emails and meeting transcriptions, to text documents - becomes easily searchable and actionable…


Updated the video, feel free to share.