Speckle inside GH clusters seems to crash Rhino / GH consistently

Hello again!

I’ve been recently updating some of my older GH scripts to account for the recent changes to collections for archicad and revit streams, and I’ve been running into a bit of an issue. Using speckle components inside of clusters now has a very high chance to crash my Rhino. I remember working on these with no issues as late as mid september, so the crashes are probably a result of something implemented from october ( i have coworkers that reported crashes when trying to work with my cluster flies as early as mid october)

  • Objective: Using Clusters for repeatable logic containing speckle components

  • Issue: Rhino will crash anywhere from 10% to 50% of the time when working with files containing clusters that use speckle components. Most common crash scenario is double clicking a cluster but have also crashed on gh file open, or just randomly.

  • Example: Was able to reproduce this via a simple cluster sorting elements into branches by level from a sample Archicad speckle.xyz stream. Allthough the crashrate doesnt seem to be as severe as some of the other files . Attached example gh script here: speckle Cluster Crash test.gh (27.2 KB)

  • Speckle link: Speckle stream seems to be irrelevant. Tested a with several streams both revit and archicad. version 2.17. Stream in the attached GH script is here: Speckle

Seems pretty quiet in here. Has no one been able to reproduce this? Seems to be a consitent crash pattern surrounding this for us at least

…I’m looking into this. I couldn’t replicate it but maybe I’m still in the lucky 50% of time.

Hi @Andrei, sadly, I managed to replicate this and filed a bug. In my experience the crash happens only after Rhino has been running for an hour or so. Do you have any more details to share?

Hey! I would say definitely not the case with the rhino runtime. I crashed within minutes of reopening the file after a previous crash via reload autosave, and in some of the more heavier scripts i even crashed on file open. Immediately after the canvas showed up. Hard to say what is going on, there isnt much to go on. I want to say i even crashed with solver disabled. Right now i exploded all the cluster because it was impossible to make any progress with the original version of the file.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. We are investigating further.

Could you also share your Rhino and Grasshopper logs? Please send them to me in a private message. You can find them here:


I’ve also found that when more than one grasshopper definition is open, switching between open grasshopper definitions that that have within them Speckle send/ receive components, with the solver enabled, Grasshopper / Rhino usually crashes around the third switch between definitions. Very Annoying. This is in Rhino 7. Not tested in Rhino 8.

Interesting, Jonathan! My example might be a particular case of the issue you are experiencing then. Since by opening clusters GH is actually attempting to open a new definition with the contents and swapping to it at which point the crash occurs. The clusters i am using dont have send / receive components inside but i am sending speckle objects to the them and they do include DSO extend object and value by key components. Sounds like the root of the issue might be the same here.

Thankyou @Andrei and @Jonathan_Rabagliati we have been able to reproduce this issue and raised a development ticket for fix.

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This issue might not only be confined to GH / Rhino (maybe it effects all (sharp) connectors?) because I saw something similar in Revit. Steps to try and replicate the issue:

  1. Start Revit
  2. Open project A
  3. Open project B (so both in the same Revit instance, not sure about multiple Revit instances)
  4. Start the Speckle Revit connector
  5. Switch to project A (this sometimes causes a crash)
  6. Switch to project B (repeat step 5 and 6 until it crashes)

I had the idea that if the Speckle Revit connector is still loading (authenticating, getting streams, etc.) and you then switch between projects it is more likely to crash.

Hi @jonathon, @Pavol, I’ve been having the same problems. Has been some development regarding this issue?

hi @jonathon, @Pavol, I also run into this problem. It’s really problematic for using speckle in our grasshopper workflows. Is there already any progress?

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Hey @robinvdhave ,

We have a development ticket for fixing this issue. I will let you know once we have an update. Thanks for baring with us!

hello, any updates on this? i am having this same issue and it is quite annoying!


Hey @pablodm @robinvdhave @Wes @Andrei @Jonathan_Rabagliati,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Just wanted to give you an update on our investigation. We managed to reproduce the issue while using the “released” connector, but couldn’t do it while trying to “debug” the connector. Spent over an hour switching documents, getting into clusters, and all that, but no luck. It’s weird that this crash isn’t getting logged either. This makes it really hard to figure out the source of the problem. But we’re not giving up. We’ll keep digging and hopefully fix this soon.

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