Speckle IFC Alpha Volume Calculations

Hey! My team currently exploring the functionality of the speckle IFC connector that was deployed in alpha a little while back. We are hoping to use IFC to model out some basic building form factors and calculate various values from those models in Speckle.

We are having issues getting these values out of speckle though and are wondering if we need to change anything with how we are producing our files.

For example we have this IFC file containing some example joists. There are standard rectangular joists as well as open wood joists and I-Joists. We want to do volume calculations on these – and for the rectangular ones we can using the coordinate system to determine the width, length, and height. For more advanced shapes though we are wondering if there is something wrong with the files we are creating in AutoCAD or if the IFC converter is currently unable to handle anything except mesh representations of the objects in an IFC file.

I have attached the example file.
floor truss sampler.ifc (79.7 KB)

Appreciative of any feedback / advice.

Hey @andrewnorris ,

Trying to understand your workflow a bit better before I say anything wrong :slight_smile:

How are you getting these values out of Speckle? Can you please describe your ideal process?
It sounds like you’re uploading IFC files, then receiving them inside AutoCAD… or something similar?

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