Speckle From Sharepoint Lists

Good day,

Our company makes use of speckle on a large amount of our projects and we were curious if there are any plans to integrate Sharepoint Lists into speckle? Given how popular Sharepoint has become and is becoming we believe a connector to Sharepoint Lists would be largely beneficial - is this a possibility / in the backlog / something that could be achieved in some other way?

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Hey @RamiEvans, Welcome back to the Community - it has been a while, and we missed you :wink:

Thanks for bringing up the integration of Sharepoint Lists into Speckle. Despite its reputation in the knowledge management world, it hasn’t been a highly requested feature at the moment, I appreciate your interest in exploring this possibility.

A team were attempting to use the Speckle Server tied with Power Automations to populate Sharepoint, that sounds like a promising workaround. I can reach out to them if they were successful in achieving their desired outcome, it would be great to learn from their experience and see how it could be beneficial for you.

Sometimes, user-driven solutions can effectively address specific integration needs until a direct integration becomes available. It’s always inspiring to see the innovative ways in which teams leverage existing tools to overcome challenges.