Speckle Excel - Can't Login

Hi guys,

Recently I formatted my laptop and made a clear installation. I have installed Speckle addin from Office store successfully but cant login. I get the following error:

Could not sign you in.
This browser or application my not be safe.
Try a different browser. If you are already using a supported browser, you can try signing in again.

I use my device in Turkish. Tried to translate it :slight_smile:

I have tried to log in couple times and failed in all. Can’t find a way to change its browser from Edge to Opera/Chrome either. Any idea why I am getting this screen?

Hey G,

Thanks for the report! Can you give us some more info:

  • excel version (is it web or desktop?)
  • when do you get that message? After logging in with a google account?

You could try logging in Speckle from IE first and see if that works.
You could also try turning on “less secure apps” on your google account: Less secure apps & your Google Account - Google Account Help

Hi Matteo,

I am using Excel for desktop. I get this message after I try to login with a Google account. After I type my mail adress, without even asking for a password, it gives the above error.

I believe I haven’t login to my Gmail account through Edge or IE yet and looks like Excel uses Edge. I will try as you said when I get to my laptop. (I am currently at work :slight_smile: )

So, as a current workaround you can:

  • from your browser, log out of your speckle account
  • click forgot password and set a new one
  • now you are able to log in in Excel with username and password, and will still be able to login with the google account from the browser

Thanks @dimitrie for the hack. We’ll keep investigating on our end!


thanks @matteo and @dimitrie,

This hack gets the job done :smiley:.

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Also an issue here with logging in into the excel add-on. No google account. What should I do to login?

I get this error:

I am guessing you have an internet connection and using a licensed version of Excel.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. Indeed. All working and licensed.

Hey @FGnl , which Speckle server are you using?

Are you on a corporate pc behind a firewall/vpn/proxy?

Hi @teocomi , no firewall vpn or something. Just a normal windows 10 with normal firewall of course. The speckle app can log in without a problem. It is just inside excel where the issue occurs.

So, assuming you are using speckle.xyz and Excel 2016 or later, these seem to be the main potential causes:

  • No internet connection
  • Blocked by firewall
  • Access disabled by a security policy
  • Add-in installation disabled by an administrator for Office applications

Possible solution:
Add https://speckle-excel.netlify.app/ to the list of trusted sites in Internet Explorer.

  1. In Control Panel, go to Internet options > Security.
  2. Select the Trusted sites zone, and choose Sites.
  3. Enter the https://speckle-excel.netlify.app, and choose Add.
  4. Try to use the add-in again.

Have you tried using Excel online? That could be a workaround for now…

Hi @teocomi , thanks for your input. Turning the windows firewall off while logging in helped. After that I turned the firewall back on, and it still seems to be working.


Glad to hear that! This deserves a quote from @dimitrie

thanks bill gate$ for making Wind0w$ $ecur3



Hi @teocomi

Facing similar issue (post link below)

Workaround definitely works, I tried the other “possible solution” but failed. I ultimately want to use it on desktop app (excel). Please can you suggest.

Hi @mahesh_G_K and welcome to the forum!

Can you please confirm what version of Excel Desktop are you using? If it’s an old version the only solution you have is to update to a newer version, unfortunately!

Thanks @teocomi !

Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2203 Build 16.0.15028.20152) 64-bit
I guess it is not the very latest ?

It’s actually newer than mine! Let me try to update and see if I can replicate it.
Alternatively, it could be that, if you are using a corporate computer, your IT department is blocking its access to the internet…

Yeah, could be. I will check separately.

Okay so I updated to the latest version, the first time I got the error reported above, but after clicking retry everything worked well.

If the issue persists, please try asking your IT department if they could enable these URLs: FAQs | Speckle Docs

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Yeah sure thanks,

just fyi - I can open the netlify thing on my browser.

Some default firewall/ anitivirus setting might be affecting the excel connector.