Speckle Dynamo Deployment

Hi, I was wondering if you can deploy Dynamo scripts (with Speckle push/pull nodes) to people who don’t have Speckle accounts? Obviously we would share package, but I think there’s more to it than that and everyone needs an account?


Hi @tristaneast , welcome to our Community!

There are actually some files (the objects kit in specific) that the connector uses that are not stored inside the package itself.
Therefore the recommended way would be to have everyone install the Connector.

Users will also need an account set up in Manager, unless they are just using Receive modes on public streams.

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If installing Manager is a blocker, bundled packages are available from our Releases page. As @teocomi says, an account would be necessary to send but receives can be made to Project Streams marked public (public means accessible via a link)

An alternative, which I wouldn’t recommend would be to use an Access Token generated from your (or another’s) account. But, if making accounts is a blocker…

This would need to be refreshed from time to time, but this would give the accessibility but none of the accountability around committed data. All commits and receives would be attributed to the same account.

I have found the lowest friction method of getting users onboarded from a team admin point of view is via invites from a shared Project Stream. Following the Invite link will direct your colleagues through the sign-up process. Then your deployed Dynamo graphs can make it clear where they then
can insert their Access Tokens.