Speckle display comes and leaves

Hi Speckle team,

Just trying to send some data from TopSolid to Speckle.

I’ve set data to Speckle, ok until there.
When I want to display data, it displays for a little bit then disappears.
I precise I only have this issue when periodic shapes are included inside data.
I think there is an issue with my data, but I can’t figure what, can you help?

This is the link to my data:

– Anne –

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Speckle team,
I found out that the issue comes from the fact that RADIUS is small (2.5mm)
This is an issue as a bolt can be this little :smiley: (rebar can be too…)
How can I deal with it?

As a test, can you try the same geometry sent again where the model units are set as millimetres? This means the mesh vertex values for display are all thousandfold larger.

In the meantime, a less used viewer interaction of middle button drag can bring small objects such as this into view and then selectable.


Hey @Choochoote ,

It is possible that your object is too small for our clipping plane, which could be causing the issue. This is a known problem that only affects very small objects.

In addition to what @jonathon suggested, you can try using an Ortographic camera. This should eliminate the clipping plane problem altogether.