Speckle Connectors for Mac

Hi there,

I’ve followed the guidance on a PC and used blender 2.93 (along with BlenderBIM) and had no issues with the SpeckleManager. I’ve installed Speckle Manager onto my Macbook to test it out and found that the ‘Connectors’ button is almost greyed out and unselectable. I assumed that this was something to do with Mac OS being WIP so went to the Blender Repo and downloaded the addon. When I try to enable it within Blender I get the following error:

Wondering if anyone could help me out - thanks in advance!

A bunch of steps are required to get the addon to work in Blender Mac

Mostly these include installing dependencies yourself. I don’t necessarily remember the full extent of these but the error messages you see will help.

Mine works by adding everything to ~/Library/Application\ Support/Blender/3,0/scripts/addons/ rather than amending the Application app resources.

Start by installing the missing specklepy

in a terminal window: pip install --target=~/Library/Application\ Support/Blender/3.0/scripts/addons/ specklepy

I’m going to retrace my steps to see if I can be more systematic in reply for you.


Jumping in to say that Manager doesn’t yet support installing connectors on a Mac, that’s why the option is grayed out, but the good news is that @AlanRynne is working on this and we’ll have a prototype soon!

First, we’ll tackle GH & Rhino, and soon after Blender, stay tuned!


Fab, thanks I’ll see if I can do the manual way until the manager is update (is there a v rough timeframe for this?)

We should have an early solution for gh/rhino this week and for blender, it might take a few more weeks!

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Great thanks for the update. Will keep my eye out for it!

OK, I wiped my Blender install to make sure the solution worked. Consequently, I’m using Blender 3.1 but should be the same for existing.

  1. Download ‘speckle-blender’ as Zip from the repo. GitHub - specklesystems/speckle-blender
  2. unzip and copy bpy_speckle to ~/Library/Application\ Support/Blender/3,0/scripts/addons/
  3. navigate a terminal prompt to the same folder (addons not bpy_speckle)
  4. use pip to install specklepy (and dependencies) python3 -m pip install specklepy -t ./
  5. Launch Blender (or Close and relaunch)
  6. Edit > Preferences > Add-ons
  7. Search for Speckle and enable
  8. Profit

I’ve found that this reliably enables Speckle Blender. There may be neater ways but the install_dependencies trigger or the install addon method wasn’t working for me.

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@jonathon - That was perfect, thank you both for checking, testing and documenting the process. Worked a dream! Hopefully it’s useful if anyone else comes across it who isn’t necessarily as code savvy as you!



Just wanted to update on the status of Speckle for Mac for anybody that wonders how it’s going.

We recently released our first two installers for Mac and others will soon follow!



We have just released Blender for Mac, go and grab it from Manager :raised_hands: