Speckle connector for Civil3D not showing up

Hi everyone, I have the Civil3D software and I installed the connector from Speckle manager but I still can’t connect Civil3D to Speckle.
can someone help me please!

Hi @Mahrez welcome to our community!

Can you please try the following:

  • restart your computer
  • uninstall the CIvil3D connector from Manager and install it again
  • open Civil 3D and check under the “Addins” tab

Let me know how it goes!

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i will do it, thank you very much

I did what as you said but I have the same problem and I don’t have Speckle in the the ADD-ins of Civil3D

Ugh! Sorry about that, maybe if you have time for a call we can try have a look tomorrow?
If so, I’ll ping you via email!


yes, of course.
I am available tomorrow
thank you very much for your help

Hey Mahrez,

Thanks a lot for the chat yesterday! As we found out, versions of C3D and AutoCAD other than English need special treatment in their installation.

We’ve added support for the languages below. Thanks for confirming (in private) that everything works as expected now!

409 ENU English
407 DEU German
040C FRA French
410 ITA Italian
040A ESP Spanish
415 PLK Polish
040E HUN Hungarian
405 CSY Czech
419 RUS Russian
416 PTB Brazilian Portuguese
804 CHS Simplified Chinese
404 CHT Traditional Chinese
412 KOR Korean
411 JPN Japanese