Speckle + ChatGPT = chatSpeckle 🗣️🔷

I just saw this super cool video from @Oswaldo_Hernandez on Linkedin show a proof of concept of a web app using Speckle and ChatGPT.

Check it out!


Super nice. Hypar.io was getting a lot of attention after integrating OpenAI into one of their workflow functions as well. I was already wondering when somebody will do it with Speckle.

It’s amazing how he is just handing raw Speckle data as a pandas dataframe into openAI and it manages to make sense of the data. I thought about giving it a bit more context with the langchain graphQL tool but it’s nice that it works this way as well.

Hope more people will be able to see the possibilities of Speckle this way.


Great job @Oswaldo_Hernandez :clap:

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