Speckle can't load certain floors,walls and columns from Revit to Revit


So i have ran a couple of tests with different kind of floors,walls,beams and columns. I have noticed that speckle can not properly copy some of them. The things i have tested are listed below with the results. In the end of this post the link to the stream will be provided.

Floors (problems)



  • Flat no cuts (working)

  • Flat with cut (working)

  • Tilted using “slope” function (can’t be loaded)

  • Tilted using “Modify sub elements” function (can’t be loaded)

Walls (problems)



From left to right

  • Normal wall (working)
  • Profiled wall using “edit profile” (replaced with normal wall)
  • Profiled wall “wall opening” function (replaced with normal wall)

Columns (problems)



  • vertical/normal column (working)
  • Diagonal column in x axis (replaced with normal column)
  • Diagonal column in x and y axis (replaced with normal column)

Beams (working)



  • Normal beam (working)
  • Tilted beam (working)
  • Lateral displaced beam (working
  • Curved beam (working)
  • Curved tilted beam (working)
  • Curved lateral displaced beam (working

Link to the stream: Speckle
If any further information is needed feel free to send me a direct message or reply to this post.

Happy holidays Speckle friends!

If you could share the Revit source file also? It can be via DM. This can be used as the end-to-end test case.

I’m not sure who may look at this soon, but I hope this won’t trouble your holidays too much, @Rowan.

Thanks Jonathon for your reply. I have send you the source file as a direct message.

Hey @Rowan,

Thanks so much for sharing the Revit file with us and helping us to improve Speckle. I was able to reproduce all of the described issues and made several fixes that you can see in the pull request here if you are interested. The only thing I didn’t fix is recreating one of the floor elements with it’s original subelements. That one is going to take a bit more work to implement.

I wasn’t able to get this fix done in time to make it in the 2.11 release today, so I have it targeted for 2.12. If you urgently need this functionality then I can ping you to help me test it a bit, and then I can make a hotfix for 2.11 instead.

Hey @connor ,

Nice to hear from you again :smiley: . I am happy to see these problems have been resolved so quickly. Hopefully you will be able to find a fix for the floor element mentioned. I will patiently wait for update 2.12.

Again thanks for reaching out and have a wonderful day! @jonathon Thanks to you as well.

hi Rowan and Connor,

I’ve been experiencing the same issues mentionned by Rowan. I’ve downloaded the 2.12 version, but the results are the same. A vertical surface with a profile in Rhino will become a normal wall in REVIT with no profile. For a slope surface witch i would like to convert has a slope floor or a slope roof, same has Rowan showcased.

I was wondering if you have any updates

Thanks for the efforts


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Hey @ELemay ,

Welcome to the community! Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: to the community if you want to! :grinning:

Can you share a sample file so we can understand the context better?