Speckle as a Revit Coordination Viewer

Rather than purchasing BIM360 docs licenses for our engineers who just want to spin around a federated Revit model, we are thinking we can just use Speckle. I have tested creating a stream for each project and sending some of our larger files. We typically do high rise towers where the host and combined files can be approx. 5gb with all disciplines. Sending just the structural model (750mb) took around 90 mins. Trying to send the host and linked models as a single stream doesn’t seem feasible. Anyone has any tips to speed up the send? Or is it a case of needing to split the tower into a multiple branches? Thanks in advance. Matt


With me, I divide for each branch with category or element, it will help me send faster for big model require quick manager

Thanks Chuong, Are you using the scheduler to update each branch. I like your idea, but dont want to manually send the data in this way for each project.

I think we can custom it and create schedule update with SDK provide by Speckle Team, @teocomi @jonathon , I think that is good idea if we can allow user trigger model and link model .


Hi @BIM_Wash ,

Our soon coming 2.14 release should have noticeable speed improvements for your Revit models, which heavily rely on groups if I remember correctly.

You can install the first Release Candidate to give it a try otherwise we’ll ship sometime next week.

If that’s not fast enough please do let us know and we’ll look at what other improvements we can add!

On this, I was toying yesterday with the idea of a batch uploader. It automatically opens the right Revit version and sends the whole model to Speckle.

Would anyone find this helpful?


It is just useful, but we need a lot of effort to ignore warning of Revit model.

Maybe some people might find it helpful. Internally we’ve been discussing automating the sending processes (Revit > Speckle) in the cloud so it doesn’t occupy the machine of the user and it can be managed from a central point on multiple files. This might be possible by running a Speckle Py script in a Revit model on an IMAGINiT Clarity server.

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@teocomi this would be great. What would be a game changer would be to add the functionality of which 3d views from each model you would like to send. Similar to how you get the option to select views to send via the reivt plug-in.


I would be extremely interested in this!

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Hi all, so now is possible to have a federated Revit model in Speckle?

Better than that - Speckle allows for federations of many types of models simultaneously.

  • Architect models from Revit and ArchiCAD
  • Interior Designer models from Sketchup
  • Structures from Tekla
  • Landscape from Rhino

In the same model, available for view in front of the client while in her private jet.

The original question was about the logistics of uploading all that information, which is a legitimate concern. We are looking at various initiatives around this. @teocomi mentioned a “batch uploader” I have posted examples where separate models can automatically federate in particular combinations.

It is helpful to consider what the end-view wants to be before seeking the technological solution to simultaneously see the entirety of every model. Akin, I think, to the consideration we give to assembling a particular drawing set or the angle at which that rendered image should be composed.

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@jonathon, I agree there is not point having a single federated model of an entire tower when the design team are just focusing on sub-structure works. Or all the MEP services for all levels when a typical low, mid or high rise will do. The biggest challenge for us to overcome is to automate this process as much as possible and not need to manually export for every file/project across the office. As you mention Tekla, the ability to automate checking between the design (revit) and shop models (Tekla) is one of the biggest frustrations also. Currently we can use Visicon to create rules for checking this, but currently it is a standalone .exe file and doesn’t have version control or a web interface. So i’m very keen to see how Speckle could be used to check shop models. Keep up the good work guys.

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