Speckle Archicad not installing


I know archicad is still in alpha… but I wanted to check speckle out since our office uses archicad and the capability of Speckle is very impressive. My only issue is that I can’t seem to install Speckle’s connector to archicad. I have gone through using Speckle Manager (v2.2.2-beta) and manually installing the archicad connector to no avail. I’m also using Archicad 25 and an admin for this computer.

Thanks… if there’s anything I missed to inform please tell me. I’m very keen to test speckle out further.

So I also tried activating it through the add on manager in archicad, however it says, “This add-on cannot be validated. Please contact the distributor.”


I have the same issue. I would really appriciate a solution too.

hey @jack-fp and @reka ,

sorry about that! I think I’ve figured out the issue and should be able to put out a new installer within the next couple of days. in the meantime, you could try starting archicad in DEMO mode (run 'C:/Program Files/GRAPHISOFT/ARCHICAD 25/ARCHICAD.exe' -DEMO from the command line) which should allow you to at least play around with the connector.

Hey Thanks for your reply, Everything seemed to be running as it should but I can’t seem to open the speckle window.

Got Archicad running in demo mode, and the add-on manager didn’t have the :warning: icon on speckle. However, I couldn’t seem to open the connector. Not sure why… but I’ll probably wait for the next version of it.


edit: @izzylys I was wondering if the reason mine doesn’t work is because the archicad 25 version I’m using is different to what has been tested on. I’m using 5010. Not sure if that makes a difference…

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hello again @jack-fp and @reka,

I believe I’ve been able to fix the issue with the connector not loading in regular mode - could you please try the latest version v2.5.2 and see if this has resolved the issue for you?

@jack-fp I don’t believe the minor version should affect the compatibility of the connector, but if 2.5.2 still doesn’t work for you I can investigate to see if there were any API changes that could possibly be interfering


Hi @izzylys ,

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve installed the new version, it looks good now, and I can see the Speckle Connector in the Interoperability menu, but the window does not launch, when I click on it.


Hello again!

sooo… here’s my report. I installed v2.5.2 and had the same results as @reka. Speckle shows in the interoperability menu but does not open.

so close


Hey both, thanks for testing the alpha connector and for your patience so far, there are many unknowns when rolling out a brand new connector and your help is essential :slight_smile:

We’ll look into this asap, although because of internal planning and time off it might take a couple of weeks - stay tuned!


Hi @izzylys
I got the same issue as @reka and @jack-fp

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I have the same problem as well.

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I installed the latest version of the ArchiCAD Speckle connector 2.7.0 but it still craches as soon as I open it in ArchiCAD. I use ArchiCAD 25 in demo mode. I will try and see if it works in ArchiCAD 26. Any other ideas?

That was not a good idea, for some reason ArchiCAD speckle connector is not visible at all in in ArchiCAD 26 though I reinstalled it after the installation of ArchiCAD.

Sorry for the slow reply!
Can you please try to download the installer from https://speckle-releases.netlify.app/
And run it as an administrator?

I tried that and it installs fine but when I press “ALPHA Speckle Connector” it just flashes and close down.

Hey @Anond_Viki @reka @jack-fp @MaxT ,

I have made a new pre-release that should help us better understand what’s happening.
After you click to launch the connector, a black console window should show up, can you please paste here any error that you see?


Sorry, I have the same problem and no console windows is visible.

Hi @teocomi .

I did what you described, but there is no such window popping up. Maybe I missed something? I have the newest version (2.7.1) installed by Speckle Manager.

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hey @reka,
i can reproduce this as well. We’ll look into it. Thanks for being patient with us!

Seems like the issue was caused by not having .NET 5 installed on your machine.

We have changed how the connector is released and it should work now, would appreciate if you could try again @reka :


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Hi @teocomi ,

the last version I can see in Speckle Manager is still 2.7.1. Is there anything I should do to see 2.7.5?