Speckle and IFC.js Team Up

We’re happy to announce that we have teamed up with the IFC.js project to offer our users the possibility to import IFC files into Speckle. IFC files are widely used across the industry, and we’ve been receiving a lot of questions on the lines of “Does Speckle support IFC?” - by the end of summer (our planned release date) - the answer will be yes :white_check_mark:

Read the full press release on our blog:


This is great news! Is the plan to fully convert the IFC data into the current Speckle Objects types, or will there also be changes to the kit to align the Speckle object schema most closely with IFC?

Hey David, as first step Speckle will allow the ingestion of IFC files as they are, without conversions!
As you know Speckle is quite schema agnostic, so this seems to work quite well.
Dim or Alan might be able to elaborate more, but converting to Speckle Objects could result in data loss or incompatibilities at the moment.

ah, ok - very interesting. What is the functionality you are aiming for in the first iteration? Just storing IFC data, or also showing it in the online viewer and/or updating the connectors so that you can upload IFC on the server, then receive the data into Revit or Rhino via a connector?

We’re parsing the IFC file and storing it in a speckle native way, with associated metadata; you’ll be able to view it as well as receive it with the standard connectors. There’s still a way to go for this feature branch to reach prime time though.

An early test from @AlanRynne: