Speckle 2.7 Released!

Highlighted Features:

Download or Update to Speckle 2.7 with Speckle Manager

Speckle 2.7 Updates:


  • :vulcan_salute: Better support for meshes with DXF mesh imports
  • :hammer_and_wrench: BREP deserialization fix
    • Breps to native objects
  • New Org classes in Objects
    • Model and Container
  • :mountain: Better support for Topography elements
  • :window: Added settings to control Framing and Wall Joins
  • Revit support for direct meshes now available as a toggle option
  • Support for family based openings


  • :ice_cube: Better block support
    • transformedGeometry, insertionPlane and transform
  • Ngon Mesh support
  • :left_right_arrow: Bbox To Speckle conversion


  • :triangular_ruler: Rhino <> Acad Dimension support
  • :mountain_snow: Added support for topography in Rhino BIM

AutoCAD & Civil3D

  • :1234: Added support for dimensions
  • Support to send xref document support
  • Support to send Dynamic blocks


  • Added native transform support
  • Block instance/definition support
    • transformedGeometry, insertionPlane and transform
  • :electric_plug: Fused connector installation with Rhino


  • :new: Now available for Blender 3.1 and 3.2

Unreal Engine

  • :tanabata_tree: Unreal Engine editor UI for branch/commit selection


  • :dark_sunglasses: VR explorations
  • :bookmark_tabs: BIM properties in side panel

Tekla Structures

  • :arrow_right: Native option to mesh
  • :ok_hand: Model selection performance improvements

CSI Products

  • Performance Improvements
    • :arrow_down: Faster Receive


  • :o: Speckle geometry types now supported in QGIS: Point, Line, Polyline, Arc, Circle, Polycurve
  • QGIS to QGIS layers keep the symbology (single color, categorized and graduated by color)
  • :memo: QGIS geometry writes and reads Speckle displayStyle.color property
  • Option to receive older commits
  • :record_button: Supporting polygons with holes export (to mesh)
  • Creating custom CRS for receiving and sending geometry intended for non-GIS software


  • :mag_right: Mesh Enhancement


  • :bug: Various improvements & fixes
  • Curve serialisation improvements
  • Support for new server invites

Server & Web

  • :safety_pin: Stream comment attachments
  • :email: Server & stream invites system
    • Introduces proper stream invites that you must accept to be added as a collaborator
    • Admins can see all server invites and cancel or resend them as needed.
    • Users can now remove themselves from streams

Download or Update to Speckle 2.7 Here: Speckle Manager


Amazing work Specklerz!

Bonus points for naming the film and its Speckle relevance.


MosDef excited to see these containers in the wild

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