Speckle 2.18 RC Error in Dynamo

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  • Objective: I am testing out version 2.18. I am currently working with 2.16 as I experienced the “Sentry” error with 2.17 and Revit. I also work with Rhino 8, and am testing that functionality as well.

  • Issue: I am running into an error with Dynamo in Revit 2024 and Speckle 2.18 RC. It is just erroring out and retrieving an empty dictionary.

  • Example: I have just wired the stream below to the receive node in Dynamo

  • Speckle link: What better way to share data than using Speckle?

  • Logs: Logs Attached
    SpeckleCoreLog20240308.txt (62.6 KB)

Thanks for the comprehensive report @MichaelRensing , parsing the attached logs suggests to us that you have a mismatched older version of Speckle.Core installed on your machine.


  • You have a legacy install of Speckle lying around that is being picked up on plugin initialisation
  • You have a custom plugin using a rather old version of Core

A couple of questions:

  • Did you install 2.180rc for both Dynamo AND Revit?
  • What do you see inside /%APPDATA/Dynamo that looks Speckley?


Thanks for the response. Below is an image of the Speckle Manager. I also have it installed in Power BI. If these are causing the mismatch, I can upgrade them.

I do have Speckle installed in Revit, and it is able to receive the data that Dynamo errored out on.

Regarding Speckly stuff in the AppData/Dynamo Folder, In Dynamo Revit subfolder are all the Dynamo Versions. Digging In it looks like all the older Dynamo versions, prior to 2.19 have speckle installed from today. 2.19 has an older install date of January 19th 2024. I will try to uninstall from the manager and manually remove this and then re-install. Hopefully this will fix it.

Hi @MichaelRensing ,

What do you mean by Dynamo erroring out? What error do you see?

We’re aware of a bug in Dynamo where sometimes after receiving Speckle data the nodes show an empty output/watch despite the data being there. It’s then just a matter of breaking the dictionary down by key/value to see its contents.

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Hey there! Just wanted to add to what @teocomi said earlier. It might be a good idea to make sure all our connectors are on the same version. My suggestion would be to upgrade the Grasshopper, Rhino, and QGIS connectors to match the version of Dynamo.

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I just installed the 2.18 release and all is working as it should. Thank you!

And the issue in Dynamo was the Receive just displaying Error. Nothing loaded; no dictionary content.

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