Speckle 2.16 Release Candidate is here 🥁

Hello @Insiders !

We have been busy working on the latest updates and the 2.16 Release Candidate is ready for community testing. Give it a spin! If you don’t feel adventurous, stick with the current stable 2.15 version for uninterrupted project work. Official stable 2.16 release will follow after community testing later this month.

How to test?

Installing the release candidate is easy.

  1. Open the Speckle Manager and find your favourite Connector.
  2. From the menu (3 dots), choose “Available versions”, and make sure that the “Show pre-releases” toggle is on.
  3. Install the 2.16.0-rc.

If you wish to revert back, click the install button for the 2.15 version in the “Available versions”.

How to give feedback?

Post your feedback in this thread, and we will take it from there.

The new RC is packed with features and improvements, so give it a whirl and let us know what you think.


  • Rhino Blocks are received as Revit Families
  • Fallback setting to DirectShape option when conversion of object fails
  • WYSIWYG Mode (Receive model as DirectShapes instead of native objects)
  • Send everything
    • added support for more categories when sending
    • included all element parameters, even the null and empty ones
  • RoomID and worksetID added to room properties
  • More MEP types supported
  • MEP zones supported


  • New Block mapping option to Revit:
    • Map a block to a specific category in Revit, and create a new family on receive if required.
    • New surface mapping option for roofs and ceilings
  • Levels from Revit are received as CPlanes
  • Nested layers are created by category when receiving from Revit


  • Zones from Archicad are supported in Revit as rooms
  • New selection method by Category


  • SketchUp Connector for Mac


  • Better interop with Revit:
    • Revit will now recognize the 3d topography created from raster image
    • Revit will receive custom attributes from polygon elements (more in the tutorial)
    • QGIS will receive nested Revit definitions
  • Support for sending tables without geometry, and receiving them (such as Excel sheet, Revit schedule)
  • Preserve nested layer structure on Send/Receive
  • Option to cancel Send/Receive operations in progress
  • Add Report after Send/Receive
  • Search by URL will lead to a specific Commit, not just Stream
  • New Meshing library that also works on all Mac versions

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Hello @Insiders, release candidate has been updated with number of fixes in 2.16.0-rc2