Speckle 2.12.2 - Revit rebar in host elements

Hello Speckle forum,

Today i ran into an issue with Revit rebar not getting transferred when using a Speckle stream.

As an example here is a basic concrete floor made in Revit. Nothing is changed from it except for the added rebar.

When i send the elements to Speckle i get the following message. This seems fine.

I create a new project and preload the used rebar shapes into the project. Then i press receive.

As you can see the floor element is created but the rebar is missing from it. Instead Speckle created a Geometry.Line representing the shape of the rebar.

Link of the stream: Stream | Speckle

Is it possible to get this working in Speckle?

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Apologies @Rowan, it looks like this slipped through the cracks.

I don’t recall seeing that the Rebar conversions were touched in the latest updates, but if you were to try with the latest Revit Connector to see if this is not working as expected?

It’s possible, if the RVT file is small, to attach that file to a comment in the viewer. That allows checking the stream and the source tightly coupled.

I lost the old file as it was just a test file. I created another one and added it as a comment on de commit below.

Commit | Speckle

Hopefully this will provide you with the needed information.


Hi @Rowan we’ll look at this during our 2.15 iteration - thanks for the report!