Speckle 2.12.2 - Generic model with void or solid face based family as cutout

Good afternoon,

Today i was testing to create a workflow using speckle. I have a main model and a shadow model. I use the shadow model to add rebar. This is for multiple reasons, not relevant to this problem.

In the main model i want to add cut outs to an element. This element is a Generic Model Adaptive (GMA). I made a Face based generic model (FC-GM) as a void(tried a solid in another workset as wel) and added it to the main model. I cut the geometry, send this information (both the GMA and the FC-GM) to Speckle.

Both the elements are send and i can see that one of them is attached as hosted element to…(see image)

in the preview window i can see the element.

After that I open the shadow model and add the same GMA and FM-GM before i press receive.

Only one element is received from Speckle the FC-GM is not created.

If i try to send the hosted FC-GM on its on it does get created by on a totally different location.

Can this issue be fixed? If you have any questions please contact me directly or comment on this post.


Hey @Rowan ,

I think it can be fixed. Can you share the sample file with us? You can send a DM if you don’t want to share it publicly. It’ll make debugging easier.

I have send you the file in a DM.

@Rowan if you could add me to the DM, @gokermu is away right now. TY

You have been added to the party :slight_smile:

Thanks for the file @Rowan, it was very useful for debugging.

Face-hosted elements are currently not supported when receiving in Revit (we have an issue open for it), while I noticed the solid was not showing correctly in our viewer following the 2.13 release and this has just been fixed.

We’ll keep you posted!

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