Something wrong after import a 3D model into PowerBI

1.Why is there no way to display colors based on a field after importing the model into PowerBI?
2.Why do I import a model into PowerBI, next i closed PowerBI and then i opened it, the model does not display and the software prompted for lost data?

Thank you very much!

Hey @Agnes ,

Sorry to hear this. Can you give more details on these issues?

  1. We have a Color by input in our 3D Viewer Visual. Doesn’t it work for you? Coloring | Speckle Docs
  2. Can you please share the pbiviz file with us? We haven’t experienced this ourselves but looks like some users are reporting this behaviour and my suspicion is it is related to the 3D Viewer Visual.

Thank you for your reply!

  1. I preliminarily think that the field is “null” and cannot be coloring, so the entire model is displayed in white. Because my other model doesn’t have a “null” field to display colors.
  2. I think the second one may be due to PowerBI instability because the tooltip data I set didn’t display either.

To sum up, I think the necessary condition for running Speckle in PowerBI is that the 3D model needs to have complete data, otherwise there will be a lot of mismatches.I hope my reply is helpful to you!

If the field values are null for all elements, then it makes sense, I think, that you can’t colour using them.

What is your expected outcome? Perhaps you need help with a specific parameter you know to contain data but isn’t showing up in PowerBI. We have a few techniques to populate nested BIM data that might help, but we’ll need more information from you to know what you need.

I want to use a field to color the model, but the field appears null, so I can’t color it. I tried to modify the null data through excel and then import powerbi, but the data was messed up.
Do you have a good way to change the null value? Thanks a lot.

That was my question to you. Are there nulls in the data that shouldn’t be null?

Where is the source data? Is it a Revit parameter, or is it user data from Rhino? Was it an IFC import?

Is Speckle failing to convert model data and hence producing nulls, or is there no data to convert?