Some ideas for Speckle Rhino and web interface

Hi there,
First of all great work with speckle. its comming together really well.
I started meddling with speckle a little in Rhino, while trying to prepare a file for some 2nd year students that i am teaching. I will teach them some basic rhino knowledge and i wanted to try out a collaboration between them based on speckle.
Meaning a very simple site plan, in which each one will draw a part of it then send it to a speckle stream branch, while the other can receive an updated version.

Below is the stream i am working on:

In this context i have some ramarks about speckle rhino functionality.

  1. When i started adding a new stream i was not able to make a new branch before any commits. when pushing the new branch button the window for a new branch appeared and then dissapeared quickly.
    As a result i creaded new branches on the we viewer.
  2. I love the filter for selecting geometry, but i would like to have this filter linked to a particular branch, meaning i got this branch for a terran mesh, link it to the layer for that mesh. I got a branch for lots, link it to the layer with lots.
    When i switch form one branch to another the filter should change appropriately.
  3. Still about the filters. now there is a select filter option and i would love a clear filter button. It is quite hard to find a certain layer that is checked when you have more than 10 layers.

and another request, i think this would be for speckle webviewer:
4. The ability to delete a certain commit.
I am working with students that will push all the buttons they can and will make mistakes. I need to be able to correct that mistake so nomatter what they do, they will end up with the right geometry. This means if they commit some bad geometry, i need to be able to delete that particular geometry.




Hey @Ionut_Anton ,

Thanks for the amazing feedback!

We’re working on a redesign of DesktopUI, the UI shared by most of the desktop connectors, so it’s a perfect time to hear your suggestions. We’ll demo it at the next Community Standup🌟!

Here’s some answers:

  • branch creation: this will (at least to start with) get delegated to the web UI only, to keep the connector UI simpler
  • filter per branch: in the new UI you will be able to add the same stream multiple times, so you’ll be able to set individual filters per stream/branch
  • clear filter: I think the new UI will also partly solve this, by making filter selection a bit simpler. But happy to hear if that’s not the case!
  • commit deletion: it’s been requested before (see) and although it’s not possible from the web UI, the API actually allows you to delete commits. I think it makes sense to expose it to users too, will discuss with the team!


Glad to be of some (if any) help.
Just to emphasise one little thing. About filters. I would love that the branch in a stream remembers the filter used to send data, so when i select that particular branch a filter will try to be setup as the filter that sent the last commit.
This would allow for a better and easyer deployment of a stream to multiple users.
In my example to a classroom of students that each one will draw a small part of a site plan, each branch will host a certain cathegory of geometry, ie. i have a branch for plot lines, a branch for buildings, each branch has its own layer and a filter linked to take all geometry in a certain layer to that branch.

Thank you again.

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