๐Ÿ‘€ Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Archicad Connector Alpha

Heya :wave:

Wanted to pop on here with a bit of a teaser for the upcoming Archicad Connector Alpha! It will be available along with the new 2.5.0 release of the connectors very soon :rocket:

Keep in mind that it is very work in progress at the moment, but you can have a look at what will be supported on the guide!


This is amazing, tanks a lot! It will change how I work with ArchiCAD completly. Also you support rooms/zones, this is extremly important for me.




This sounds awesome! Iv been an Archicad user and now i m diving more into Blender.
Also i am new to Speckle but know about it for a while. I think its time for me to start using it.
Does it import materials and right textures UV`s into Blender?
Does it work two ways to import geometry into Archicad? Is it a BIM workflow or they are meshes?

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Looks awesome! :star_struck: Could you, please, clarify to me if we will be able to recieve the model from ArchiCad in Revit in Revitโ€™s native elements like walls, floors, roofs, columns, railing etc automaticly? Probably some of ArchiCad geometry will appear as Generic Models ? Should it work that way? :slightly_smiling_face:
Iโ€™m asking beacause i didnt see this in teaser :slight_smile:

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Hey @Constantinesis and @Mykyta_Onopko,

Glad youโ€™re excited about the connector!

As explained in the docs that I linked in the post, this is still very alpha and the BIM workflows are not yet well supported. Mesh workflows will work great, but BIM element support is limited at this stage:

It would be totally helpful to chat with yaโ€™ll more and hear what type of support is important to you though! Feel free to reach out to schedule something๐ŸŒŸ

@Constantinesis regarding materials and textures, textures at the moment are not yet well supported throughout Speckle (though it is a high priority to tackle and should be in development within the next month or two!). Materials should come through, but in a simplified manner (see here for the sent properties)

Regarding materials, this is an area Iโ€™m trying to improve - particularly when it comes to sending / receiving from Blender. If you (or anyone else!) are happy to chat about this, feel free to DM me and we can schedule a quick call! :rocket:


There are a lot of architects that want to stay in MacOS land so porting their models to REVIT with a archiCAD connector would be a life saver for sure.

We are dealing with this issue on a current project.


Thanks for this @Tushar_Nagananda ! Just to moderate expectations a little, Speckle will definitely make the coordination and exchange of information from Revit to ArchiCAD a breeze but because of API limitations and core differences in how the two software work, there will always be some discrepancies and unsupported elements :wink:

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Hi, reporting an issue with the archicad connector installation via manager

when tried to install manually as suggestedโ€ฆ

Iโ€™m usingโ€ฆ

probably being too impatient hereโ€ฆ :sweat_smile: :pray:

Indeed, itโ€™s not been yet made available, itโ€™ll be included together with our 2.5.0 release. :slight_smile:
Watch this space!

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thanks @teocomi
by the way, the web page is now loading manual installers fine! :man_shrugging:

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Hello @izzylys
I wonder if its yet possible to have a two-way connectivity with Blender with the generic morph objects in Archicad?
Blender has some great parametric instancing and scattering features and i would like to be able to send some meshes back into Archicad as morph objects at least.
Another approach i saw your team is working on is with BlenderBim and IFC system.
Will it be possible in future to send actual IFC elements from BIM to Archicad?

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I Just realized that yes this is already possible !

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Are there any plans for a BIM connection that would allow sending of building elements from Grasshopper to Archicad in a similar way its happening with Revit?

@izzylys, does anyone know about this new, also open source plugin for Archicad API? I just saw their post on Linkedin.
I wonder what does it do and if it can be in a workflow or development with Speckle and Archicad connector?


regarding sending between Blender and Archicad - atm we are scoping out a mapping feature that would allow you to tag objects in CAD applications with the corresponding BIM element. eg you could tag a SketchUp component as a Revit Family when sending so you would receive the geometry as a custom family in Revit. this will start as a SketchUp initiative with the next steps being Rhino and Blender. itโ€™s still early days, but we are working on it!

re IFC, this is not something I am looking at rn or in the immediate future.

re grasshopper BIM, we already have some of this functionality as you mentioned with Revit. I am not super familiar with the Grasshopper BIM stuff, but in theory creating regular Speckle BIM objects that are supported in Archicad should work as expected

re the Grasshopper Archicad plugin you mention, it looks like this is a plugin that uses the existing Archicad json API

this API is nice and easy to use and has a nice python wrapper, but it is pretty limited in terms of data access and functionality compared to the C++ API. because of this, it is not super useful for Speckle Archicad and is the reason we are building that on Archicadโ€™s C++ API.

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indeed json api is pretty limited, but there is an open door (by use of โ€œAddOnCommandโ€) for adding more functionalities using the C++ API.
some examples here

yes this is indeed how the Speckle Archicad connector works! the C++ side is adding additional commands and the C# side uses the added commands

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but the speckle addon for ArchiCAD (ui + logic) is written in c++, isnโ€™t it?