SketchUp Connector sending Hidden Geometry

Hi guys,

Thanks for the awesome SketchUp connector!

I have an issue where I’m sending a SketchUp model to Speckle and in the Web Viewer I suddenly get some unexpected geometry.


I turns out that the geometry (SketchUp block) I’m sending has some hidden geometry, which is sent. Is there a way to not send the hidden geometry?



This seems like a legit request. I’ll pass it on to the team!

There isn’t currently. We’ll try to scope it into the next release.

Thanks @jonathon and @gokermu !
Looking forward to the fix/feature :slight_smile:

Hi @chrk,

Thanks for reporting issue. If possible, can you share with us part of your model to understand reason of the issue?

It is the same model as here: Rhino: Can't receive block instance from SketchUp - #3 by chrk

Hi Christian,

Sorry for the late response, the issue you faced is fixed thanks to reporting! Releasing hotfix for this. You can find 2.14.3 in Speckle Manager!



Awesome, thanks @oguzhankoral!

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