Show in speckle 3D stream just one room in model of building

speckle noobie, learning the workflow, watching videos

I added my first model to my stream.

In thinking about several ways I might want to use Speckle my question is If the Revit model I stream is a 10 story building and I only want to have a discussion about one room, should the stream create be setup in a way that it only has the one room I’m interested in or do I setup the stream so that it has a particular view/filter?

thank you in advance

Hey Tim,

somewhat fellow Speckle noobie here, but I’ve been working on something rather similar over the last couple weeks.
Depending on your specific use-case, I can see multiple ways you could set up your workflow/stream:

Filter during export
In this case, you could set up your stream in a way where each Branch would represent a certain project/building of yours, and each commit could be a specific Level or Room of the building instead of the entire (probably massive) model. By making use of the Floor Plan Views in Revit and the “Selection only” setting for the Speckle Export, you could do something like this:

In the same manner, you could of course also export single rooms if required/desired.

Filter during import
In my personal case, such a preparation isn’t possible - for the purpose of the application, i have to load specific items from the FULL exported model. This makes the entire ordeal quite a bit more complicated, but not impossible, given the GraphQL API gives you the option to query for certain items’ IDs within your commit without having to actually load them all in at once. In this manner, you can pre-select certain types of items or single items via quick and easy requests before then feeding their IDs to the speckle connector. This way, only the relevant data gets imported, and you don’t overload your scene (and router) with tons of irrelevant objects.

I hope those ideas help in some manner and good luck on your project,

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Thanks @Polly; that is indeed a great way to be really accurate with what you want to have a conversation around. i.e. send what you want.

Once an element is sent to Speckle, assuming it doesn’t change, you can make many Model branches with that element in and it will be the same element. The downside/upside of this approach is that if two views have the same element and then that does change, you’ll need to publish a new version for each.

OTOH, the new front end makes things easier to hone in on what you want to display with compound isolations. You can then pin these with a Comment.

The way to do this is to use the Object Filter by property browser on the right-hand side to isolate or hide those objects. This works with selections also.

With that isolation/hiding done, you can then repeat that step and apply hide/isolate a second time.

So, in other words, @Tim_L (sorry, away from my desk, so no screenshots), you can:

  1. Use the Hierarchy view to show only Level 1
  2. Use the Object Property Filter to highlight by Room Name, say - choose a value
  3. Select Isolate
  4. Select any Objects you are not interested with
  5. Select Hide

YMMV, depending on the focus you want to have.

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