Show Description from Shared Parameter In Revit

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I want to show my Shared Parameter From Revit to show on 3D Modeling in Power BI.

Thank you

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Het @sengngorn, sorry this slipped through the gap over the weekend.

Which parameter are you hoping to surface?

We have a tutorial for this specific topic here: Extracting Parameters from Revit Data in Power BI

And as a video:

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Could I show the Shared Parameter in 3D with Power BI?
currently, I could get all the information from Shared Parameter. However, I could not show the text House ID on the Master Plan.
Please guide me, thank you

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I see you have HouseID in the tooltip data, are you saying that tooltip isn’t populated?

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Hey there,

When you select an item, whatever you input into the tooltip data should appear in the 3D Visual. Isn’t this the case?

Dear sir,
Thank you so much for replying to me.
I can show all Shared Parameters in the tooltip, All House-ID don’t show on the Layout Plan. I need to move my cursor on each House to see House-ID with the tooltip.
In my opinion, I want to see all House-ID on the layout plan. if I need more detail just move my cursor to see the tooltip. this is what I want to do.
Thank you so much.

From what I understand, you’re interested in finding built-in annotation options in the 3D viewer. I was thinking, have you considered adding these annotations yourself using 3D text in your Revit model? It might just do the trick!

You are right, I want to show House-ID text in 3D. but If I have some changes in my Shared Parameter. I will do a manual in 3D text.
Thank you

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