Sharing a Speckle URL with multiple resources

Is it possible to share a Speckle model that combines multiple commits, e.g:

which combines:
Site (purple): Speckle
Highways: Speckle
Buildings: Speckle

If you look at the URL after adding those model versions, you’ll see it has expanded to include each. Copy and paste that to another browser window, and the three models will load.

The assembled view (in that URL) will also be captured as context for a comment if you add it in that federated state. If you view the comment as an entry point, the comment and the initial model will load, and a prompt to load full context will appear.

FE2 improves on this workflow of assembly, commenting and sharing a lot. Speak with the team if Arup has plans to migrate.

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Ah nice! Thanks!,09cb4e217c&c=[837094.0318,819798.04315,472.00513,838513.29274,819776.34538,-238.4724,0,1]

I was trying to share using the share button in the right top corner, but then you only get the commit that you started adding the others into: