Settings Internal Origin, Project Basepoint and Surveypoint in Revit

Hi everyone,

I am running into a problem when loading data into Revit.

I have a Revit file which is georeferenced where my Internal Origin, my Project basepoint and my Surveypoint are all in the same location close to my project site. This is possible since my Revit file is GeoReferenced.

My issue is that my data from Speckle is always loaded very far away from my project, I cannot use the Origin of the GeoReference (0,0,0).

We cannot change the project reference point because our BIM execution plan.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Hey @Joelmick, are you already using the Receive to Survey/Reference point option?

If the Speckle Geometry has been sent with real-world coordinates and your survey/project basepoint are correctly set, then this should achieve what you are seeking.


This is available under Advanced Settings:

If you are already using this and its failing, let us know, and we can check this out further.

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Yes I am already using this. For other project we always base our Survey point as origin of our Reference Coordinate System (ESPG code 28992) and our Project Basepoint and Internal Origin are close to our project.

But this project is different. Here we used a GeoReferenced Revit file where all 3 reference points are close to the project. So if Speckle aligns the Speckle Data’s origin (0,0,0) to my Survey point, the data will be very far away

If you have an empty copy of that file and an example project stream, we can take a look