Serialization error when Sending from AutoCAD

I got error message like that while exporting any data from Autocad-

This looks like a bug - could you identify which of the 143 elements you have tried sending causes this issue?

If you can share a file with just that element(s) we can take a look at what is going wrong.

We’ve not heard from you @Rajendra_Meena did this resolve itself?

I am dealing with the same serialization error. But I am not able to identify the elements that are causing the problem because when i select just one simple line for export I am still getting this error.

Hi @Vratislav ,

If you can isolate this curve and send me a .dwg file of it, I’ll look into this problem!

Hi. Thank you for reply.

I am sure it is not the curve causing the problem, because when I copy the geometry to a new file it works fine.

The file I am exporting the geometry from is full of blocks and texts that i intended to get rid of by isolating just the useful geometry. The issue is that it matters what other elements are there in the file beside the elements selected for export.
This seems like a bug to me.


@Vratislav if you can share privately the problematic file with us, we can add it to the investigation of your potential bug report.

Welcome to the Speckle community by the way.