Sending Solids from Dynamo to Speckle Not Working

I have created a Dynamo script using Dynamo for Revit that creates some custom geometry for me. I want to bring that into Speckle, but can’t figure out how to send my geometry. Right now, it is a solid geometry, but I’ve tried converting it to multiple meshes, one polymesh, and none of them have any displayable geometry when I look at the stream in Speckle.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Could you share the stream with me?

Our mesh definition is not likely compatible with what you are feeding in, but it’s likely a python snippet could solve that


I think solids and poly surfaces are not supported by Speckle yet, but the default Dynamo mesh should in theory work. Can you show how you converted it to mesh?

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Yes, let me send the stream over:

I’ve tried three methods:

Just sending a solid after the Solid.ByUnion node
Taking that solid and converting it to Polysurface with PolySurface.BySolid
And finally, taking that Polysurface and exploding it into individual surfaces with PolySurface.Surfaces

I took a little time away yesterday and I see you have found one of the many threads about SpeckleMesh I’ve started/contributed to.

I’ll take a look asap.