Sending blocks from Autocad doesn't work

Hi @Hussein_Hamed , this looks like the same error that other users have reported on a few connectors from an older release. Can you do the following:

  • share what version of the connector you have installed
  • close any software using Speckle
  • uninstall the current connector and then install the latest version
  • let us know if it’s resolved!

it worked but I got a a slightly different sofa, the sofa has a bottle that was constructed with 4 circles then trimmed to make it concave
but rhino ()
has read the history of it not the final block !

I have another inquiry , I have a floor plan with furniture as blocks, can I send all the file using speckle to rhino and will read Autocad blocks as rhino blocks and the usual lines and curves as rhino curves ?
because opening big DWG file in rhino is very hard and rhino can’t handle it well

Is this a dynamic block? Currently those are not supported, you can keep an eye out for any developments on our support tables here

MMM you’re right it a Dynamic block, I hope it could be supported soon

is there’s anyway to change all dynamic blocks to static ones? to work with speckle