Send Model variants from GH to Revit

Hello everyone,
I am just new here in the forum, but I have been working with Speckle for a relatively long time and used Speckle in the course of my diploma thesis. Since I’m at a loss now, I thought I’d ask the community. In the following, I will give you a brief overview of my problem.

In the course of my research work, I developed a structural optimisation script with the help of Karamba3D in Grasshopper. This script allows me to develop variant models in a very short time (in steel construction, timber construction and concrete construction) and offers a possibility to develop variant studies in the early stages of projects.

Now to my question. Let’s say I have generated three different models in Grasshopper. Is it possible to send these three models as variant models to Revit? Possibly with the design options function?

I haven’t really found anything about this in the forum yet, unfortunately. If that doesn’t work, would it be possible as an alternative method to either assign my models via worksets? (workset 1 / 2 / 3), or perhaps via the construction phases in Revit?

I tried the first option with the design option and that didn’t work for me. Maybe i have overseen something. :open_mouth:

If anyone has already dealt with this topic, I would be very happy to receive further help :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

Hey Philippo,

Welcome to these parts, glad to hear you’ve been using Speckle for a while as well!

I’m afraid there is no way currently to set design options, phases or worksets when receiving. There is though, a PR in progress from a community member to support phases.

It sounds like something relatively doable thought, we will check internally how to support that, here is an issue you can follow: Add support for phases, design options and worksets · Issue #1546 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

PS feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: if you’d like!

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Thank you for the answer. I will follow the PR. Maybe the merge and release will come soon :slight_smile: In this respect, in order to “circumvent” the problem in advance, I would have to define the worksets or the phases in advance in Revit and send them as parameters in a stream. This would then only be a question of allocation, i think?. I will test this once and get back to you. In any case, thanks again for the answer :slight_smile:

Hey @teocomi , thanks again for the answer! Unfortunately, the idea i had, with sending the info with the parameter node, isnt working. Do you maybe have an idea, how to circumvent this problem? :slight_smile:

Another question: The PR you attached is about the Revit Connector. In that case, would the Grasshopper Connector become adaptive if the phasing setting in the Revit Connector is merged via RECEIVE? Thank you

Unfortunately, parameters of type ElementID are not set by the Revit Connector so that needs a custom implementation on your end.

Yes, it should work with an “Extend Speckle Object” component :slight_smile:

Alright, awesome! Thank you so much. I will check it out when 2.8 will be available :slight_smile:

@teocomi i have just seen, that the revit connector 2.8.0 alpha is already out to try. Is this function already testable? :slight_smile: