Send MEP Fabrication Ductwork from Revit

We get an error when trying to send MEP Fabrication Ductwork from Revit 2024. I tested it with Revit connector v2.17.0. “Normal” ductwork is sending correctly.
We have a test file we can share in a private message if that’s useful.

Test cases are lways useful @JdB

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Thanks for the quick reply Jonathon! I shared the model in a private message with you.

Hey @JdB I have been able to replicate this.

The fix is related to these elements not being hosted and the code path assumed that they always would be.

So, can be coming to a release soon.

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Thanks Jonathon for fixing it with the speed of light!
Would it be possible to have a (pre) release in about 2 or 3 weeks?

That is pretty much when the RC 2.18 is scheduled for community testing. Winter break has slowed this release cycle a little. There could be a WIP release sooner than that - but that is with the usual health caveats.

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