Send Failed - document is null

Hi all,

I’m trying to send a model using the revit connector but its failing with the below error.
My file is a huge hospital file with various linked revit files.

The error is only present if I have “Send linked files” enabled, otherwise not.
I suspect it can be links etc that are either unloaded, missing references, or other and a null check somewhere in the code should fix it.

Method GetSelectionFilterObjects threw an error of type Autodesk.Revit.Exceptions.ArgumentNullException. Reason: The input
argument "document" of function 'anonymous-namespace' :: FilteredElementCollector_constructor or one item in the collection is
null at line 315 of file E:\Ship\2023_px64\Source\Revit\RevitDBAPI\gensrc\APIFilteredElementCollectorProxy.cpp.
Parameter name: document

Thank you, Mathias.

With your hunch in mind, we will try to reproduce and raise a development ticket.

As a point of clarification on the Links list you pasted, how many match your description or “missing references”? We’ll have to check if there is any distinction relevant here that they are cloud-hosted models.

The error you are seeing is an exact report from the Revit API causing a conversion routine early exit, so while it might not be anything we can fix, we can look at defensively not calling/handling the specific error and reporting back to the user in the conversion report.

Hi @jonathon thanks for swift reply and sort of the same conclusion i arrived at.

I might have been a bit too quick in conclusion, regarding missing references. There has previously been references that have changed paths on this project leading to a link that is “missing”, however that is not the case today. They are all either loaded or in a closed workset. I am ATM trying to load them all to retry, but it’s a large operation and i might even end up filling my harddrive before completion :smiley:

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Hi @jonathon ,

The send works “well” when I load all the worksets in Revit - so first step is obviously to just skip a workset if it isnt loaded.

It sends fine for 15 minutes or so. The progress bar on the Send button goes all the way to the right and all looks good. When I see the stream in the web platform less than1% of my objects are sent through though.

If you are also able to share the Conversion Log, that will help. With all those linked cloud models, you can’t share the file with us, obviously - we’ll have to debug as best we can.

You can try sending each workset as a separate model branch to track down which file is missing what.

The report is as follows.

in the top:

And the bottom.

No errors as such. I see some duplicate IDs though?

Unsure how to do it seperately pr workset, because if I turn off a workset then I get the initial error. Unless you have an idea to do it in an alternative way?


True, if the element categories you want are spread across worksets…

You could try a new 3d view with just categories you want to send visibly, select elements from each worksite and send that way separately.

But this is getting convoluted.

You say 99% of your data is not sending, even with send from linked models option selected…?