Saving the stream as 3D geometry

I wonder if there is a web app that can save the geometry from a stream directly as an obj-file or similar without the need of localy installed software?


Hi @MaxT!

Nice suggestion, at this moment this option does not exist. But Three.js does have ways of exporting the loaded scene and/or loaded meshes, so it’s definitely possible to do :slight_smile:

That being said, any extra metadata sent along with the geometry will be lost in the obj file, as it’s purely geometry based.

Are there any other formats you’d wish for us supporting? We’d love to hear about them, and what workflows will this feature unlock for you.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback!


Right now my customers have very little CAD knowledge so I want the process to be as simple as possible. At some stage I think we need to develop our own Speckle connector but until then my customers need to stream rooms from Revit and convert them into 3D-Cad files, prefarable obj, .3DS or .skp. In a perfect world it should be possible to select what objects to save as file and also color the objects by some metadata, for example room name in this example. Usually obj-files are accompanied by a .mtl-file. More advanced 3D-format can contain this data as layer/color/block or something else. The information will be used as building bodies and/or thermal zones in an energy simulation.


I looked into the possibility to export an .obj-file from Three.js but I have no idea how to open the 3D view of the stream in a custom Three.js scene. Any other ideas how to convert a steam to an .obj-file?


Three has an obj exporter which i remember implementing in an ancient (2017-ish) version of Speckle. I need to discuss this with @alex this first, as to make sure it is feasible to have it re our current refactor of the viewer!

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