Save Data Geometry Object Under Native

Hi Speckle Team,
Just about the idea, I prefer that good be a good idea for transfer big data for BIM model in AEC. I think Autodesk Platform Services use same way to optimize perfomance of big model in viewer.

I researched about the APS long time, I think this one is good to see that :

I want hear vision from your team.
Thank you .

Perhaps I’m being dim/naïve but without looking through in detail what VIM and APS are doing in the articles, what are you proposing?

Hi @jonathon , just my observe, my model so big and can’t open with speckle viewer. Do speckle team have any road map to improvement that yet ? I’m still go around with big model issue.
Thank you.

We’re always keen to get our hands on these models. Can you share both the source file and a link to the problematic model?

Historically, we (@alex) has resolved most “big model” issues that came out way :slight_smile:

Hi @dimitrie , because the reason relate to security of Project, I can’t share but you can try with combine around 100 revit model to one and view it at the same time, our project working it will look like that. At the moment it work well with ACC but with speckle is imposible

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Is with the new web app or the legacy (xyz)?

The viewer stack is similar but model loading is significantly improved.

We can and frequently do, but synthetic testing is rarely as reliable as real-world examples, oddly enough.

Just as with IFC performance, a small file can chug the parser while a huge one sails through easily.

However, project data security is well understood. We frequently enter into NDAs for this reason, but I can promise that we will continue improving as fast we can!

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Hi @jonathon , I tested with new application but it imposible, I hope it posible in future !

@chuongmep were you able to view your model in VIM’s viewer?

@gokermu I haven’t try yet with VIM format but with SVF format from APS is working, and the way implement from VIM is same way with Forge.

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I haven’t checked VIM viewer yet but afaik it is Unity and/or Webgl based.

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