Sample speckle streams


Do the speckle team have a ‘one of everything’ stream for testing geometry conversions etc.

I can make my own eventually but not looking to invent work already done particularly dealing with ‘kits’ and software I am not using etc.


We have a few public ones on latest, let me know if you need an invite to access them!

@clrkng might be able to share better and more up to date ones.
Also, if you’re after some specific geometry we can set one up!

Thanks, looks ideal.

I made the mistake of starting with a model with too many Rhino BREPS and it was making my head hurt, only because they are defined differently in FME from Speckle or Rhino.

I’ll work up to it with some relaxing Primitives

It might be good to build up a set for this sort of dev. Perhaps aligned to each Kit?


Hehe, I see! @AlanRynne is our Brep expert for when you get there :wink:

That’s a great idea, we do have a set of testing resources with sample files and streams that we could polish up and make public!


Hey @jsdbroughton!

Hope your BREP headaches are getting milder as days go by… :sweat_smile: :+1:t3: As @teocomi said… I’m the one to blame for any BREP stuff; so feel free to ping me on any future questions regarding geometry/BREPs!

As for setting up some “testing resources”; I also think that would be of great help

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