Sample Revit file for Presentation

Hi guys, we are in process evolving arround BIM and REVIT and starting to develop PBI dashboards and would like to see benefits importing REVIT models to PBI. 1 problem is size , its soemthing about 100 mB and other I need some example or demo Revit object to start working in PBI Help Thanks

Hey @zookarma when you launch Revit you can access various sample files provided with it, or download them from here: Help

Thank you for reply but I dont have Revit, my office mate have it but he cant install speclke connector, in addins there is no Speckle Connector after install.
I have installed Speckle for PBI and its working just need one sample model to make PBI report how can things work so I can present to bosses and IT service so we can go deeply more in problems :slight_smile:

What version of Revit is your coworker using?
We support 2020-2024 at the moment. Please note that Revit LT is not supported.

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2022 - 2023

Do we have to install Revit connector with Manager ? Is that reason why we dont see addon in toolbar ?


Install from Manager or the standalone releases. You mentioned your friend had installed already.

These are the directories to look at:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 20XX\AddIns\

In the meantime see if you do magic with the classic Revit house:

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Thank you Jonathon :slight_smile: was searching for this.

Heres is what I started but because of lack of details I need more I wanted one file so I can go throuh tutorial and make some dashboards for our team


Just wanted to say thanks, heres what I repeated from the lesson :slight_smile: and its going nice just to see how to remove " family errors " so I can have more Filter options

We’re always looking to improve things here at Speckle; if you discover any blockers, please share them here in the community. Hearing from you all makes us happy and gives us insight into what you prioritise next.

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OK I need little more help maybe more with info :slight_smile:

Situation in office is like this, 1 coworker have Revit and speckle, I dont have Revit but have Speckle and PowerBI, can we interchange files directly because there is a " 100 MB " limit ? Can he maybe export to IFC and then I can put IFC model in mY Speckle for PBI Analyze ? Thanks :slight_smile:

There is no 100MB limit for Revit data. However, we only publish Revit data into Speckle that is selected to send from the running Revit application. The larger the selection, the longer the conversion may take, but there is no hard-coded maximum limit.

The 100MB limit is for file uploads only, which, ironically, given your IFC comment, would limit IFC uploads.

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Thanks Jonathon, but dont understand how can I receive published ? Simply puted if he publish he must do it directly from Revit and with URL I can see the model and work in PBI ? Am I missing something ?

If your friend publishes to Speckle, he can set the project to Link Shared or add you as a collaborator/editor/viewer of that project.

From that point, you can receive the data he publishes in your PowerBI connector using the project URL you can discover from the web application. You will be consuming Speckle data representative of your friend’s Revit model.


Thanks again for time and patience :slight_smile: All is Clear gonna try to make a working link then post here result :slight_smile:

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