Running into timeouts when sending from archicad /w properties


Running into an issue when trying to send out a modell with properties attached from archicad.
Objective: Sending Archicad geometry (cca 3500 objects) with all advanced settings enabled ( Send Properties, Listing Parameters)

Issue : Running into an error halfway through that reads "Request cancelled due to httpClient.Timeout 300seconds timeout ". First question: Is this 300s set on our server or does the limitation come from the connector?

I am able the full modell with 30000 elements if i dont send properties and Listing parameters, but i get a timeout on 10% of that if i enable those options. Is this expected behaviour or is it something with the modell that causes it?

Hej Andrei,

Any chance you could share the model with us for debugging?
I believe some properties are not being properly detached - this probably doesn’t mean much to you, as it’s something for us to check & fix :slight_smile:

Cant share this specific one but i will try to reproduce this with another model. Will share a link with you if successful