Running grasshopper in back_end

  • Objective: I am trying to use 3D viewer to embedded the view into third party web application. I would need to get the mesh from the browser and run some process on the mesh in the background. I will be using Grasshopper to implement and run the process in the back-end. The result of the process need to be display to the end user of the system and back in the web-interface.
  • Issue:
    Extracting the mesh, connecting it to grasshopper script.
    The question is : How would you extract the mesh and run the process in the back-end using Rhino and Grasshopper. Has anyone done something similar?
    Would you use “Rhino compute” or “Hops”?

If the data is in the Speckle viewer, then it’s on the server, which means you can download the Speckle connector for Grasshopper.

You can then do whatever you want in GH and publish any processed geometry back to Speckle … and view it in the browser

Where is your data sourced from?

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-The idea is to get the user of the system to upload a geometry file to the system, (*.stl) using web interface,
-In the next step I wanted to display the uploaded mesh to the user ( I thought one of the best 3D viewer is Speckle viewer) , So I am thinking to embed speckle 3D viewer in my application.

  • Then I want to run some processes on the uploaded *.stl file using grasshopper
  • in the last step , I want to display the result back to the user.

To give some context around this , I want user to upload a mesh to the system ( To be used in 3D printing) and produce machine code (G-code) in the backend,

Working with connectors could be a little challenge, as the system need to run analysis on the fly. :thinking: