Rotate to see bottom of model

I can’t seem to rotate models in the viewer to see the bottom (eg the slab from below in this model)? Or what am I missing?

You aren’t missing anything, this is the known behaviour.

You can, however, right-click-drag to pan upwards to see below the model to some extent. This may not be the experience you were expecting.

Okey helps a bit in some cases, do you have any plans to change that?

Can pan upwards on touchscreen?

two finger swipe up (i cant test on all devices, but that is the sort of standard)

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Seem to work, or three :+1:

FYI, implemented this in FE2 - cc @Sandra and @michaelgmccune. Still don’t know if that’s a nice enough description, @jonathon said it’s good enough.


(you can try it live if you click on the image above :arrow_up:)

PS: @Sandra, you can now also hide objects by selecting them and clicking the eye icon:


Fantastic! Thanks. .

space key for hiding seems to work too after hitting the eye for the first time and after it has a selection edge.


Click and hide with shortcut … nice nice!


Nice! What is FE2? Can we use it on or will it be released there?

FE2 is the next-generation frontend for Speckle, currently in active development. Testing phase soon.

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