Rhino to SketchUp model take a lot of time

The model is some small, and it takes too much time till now I can’t rely on Rhino to sketchup workflow as I’m waiting for ages for large models.

Could you make it run faster? :grin:
Stream link to check

Could you give us some benchmarks of how long it’s taking you? How long you expect it to take?

How do you otherwise exchange rhino and sketchup in both directions and how long your do your alternative methods take?


All Speckle exchanges speed up over time as only changes are transmitted. This model is relatively simple, but how slow is too slow?

Hey @Hussein_Hamed ,

Sketchup connector is slower than our other connectors and that’s because of Sketchup’s way of handling meshes. We have to make some checks before creating valid faces and that makes the process slower. In your model, it is the Terrain that is causing the issue. It has a bunch of small vertices.

It is on our roadmap to speed up receiving in Sketchup. I created an issue on Github so we don’t forget about it.


It’s weird, I didn’t expect this as I know Sketchup can get a pretty huge Geo-Locations (topography) and process it with ease
Any way I’m waiting for your fix.

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