Rhino to Revit with Materials

Hi Bilal, @gokermu I tried to just send rhino materials to revit, i dont need texture or anything, i just want to apply material afterwards. for now no luck, no matter what i do, it can only be a white block :frowning:
i tried with the mathod of sending blocks, assigned a material called “testing block”, i see that material in revit, but no matter what i edit, that material does not apply to the geometry. Also when i see them on speckle web, there is never anything(even just color) carried through. i was just testing with a basic cube… no luck
I followed the instruction here, but i dont know how you applied materials from the first place on the block?? is that just Rhino materials?

here is my test object

Hey @tjxme ,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I can’t seem to access the Speckle model URL you shared. Can you add me to the project? Also, sharing the source file helps us pinpoint what the problem is. If you can share the Rhino file too, that would be great.

test.3dm (1.0 MB)
Hi Bilal,
here is the file, i dont know how to invite, so i made the project public now.

Thank you for sharing the file, @tjxme. I’ve noticed that in the model you shared, you set the material color with a texture. However, I wanted to let you know that at the moment, Speckle does not support textures. As a result, the material appears white, which is the default color when no color is set. But don’t worry, the material itself is still present and when you receive it in Revit, you should see that there is a material named Chestnut.

yea, but when i change the info on the Chestnut material ball on revit, it does not change anything.
I just opened an empty revit project and received model. For instance, i want to make this material red in revit. or assign a texture, none of them works/

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It seems to work on my end. Are you changing from the Graphics tab?

Hi Bilal, i tested again. only the color shading works, but if i want to change the material color, it kept as is. I cannot do graphic override foreground/background, or change material asset.

Hey @tjxme ,

Can you give more details on what you are trying to achieve and the result you get? Screenshots helps us understand your problem.

my bad, actually it works well in the family editor.

but i wont work for me in the project for some reason.

i have no filter, no override, its a default revit empty template.

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i also just uploaded the link for you

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@gokermu sorry, i forgot to tag you

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Hello @tjxme,

I wanted to let you know that I have rechecked the project environment, and on my end, changing material shading seems to be working correctly. I cannot seem to reproduce the issue you were experiencing, so I am unsure what to do about that.

However, there appears to be a bug because surface pattern overrides are not being reflected. Our team will investigate this issue and work to fix it.

yea, the shading works properly on my end too, just the override does not seem to work