Rhino to blender not updating mesh but creates a new one

Hello community !

I am testing speckle from rhino to blender but when i try to update the scene after modifying one mesh, it is creating a new model instead of upadting it ! is this normal ?

also material and texturing is not received in blender…

use blender 3.6 LTS and rhino 7 , speckle 2.17

it is a very simple textured box : Speckle

thank you for your help !


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Hey greg,

I have just sent an access request to the project. Please give me access so i can reproduce the issue and check what’s wrong.

i accepted ! can you access ?

Hi! Have you managed to find the issues that is causing this? I have the same problem and can’t figure it out.

Hi @du5aIV

After having looked into this a bit more, I can now provided a little more context on exactly what has changed r.e. updating objects within the blender connector.

In versions of our Blender connector before version 2.16, the “update behaviour” was some logic within the receive operation that would deleted existing Collections (by name) if they were found in the new receiving commit.

The problem is, Blender has the requirement that no two collections are named the same, but this assumption doesn’t hold true for data sent from most of our other connectors, and as such, it was leading to situations where, within a single receive operation, we were deleting objects within similar named collections. (see issue)

This would result a very buggy experience, frequently many objects would be missing after a receive operation, and any other collections the user had in their file that happen to collide in name with something they were receiving also be deleted. All while giving the user zero warning. :scream:

This was becoming a bigger and bigger problem, because around this time, we were implementing support for collections in more and more connectors.

Additionally, based on some user feedback, several users said that they would prefer a completely non-destructive receive mode, where we simply create data and not destroy or mess with any of the data in the users scene (like a file import).

We made the decision that having a robust and reliable “create only” receive mode would be better than the existing buggy and inconsistent update mode that would occasionally delete users data erroneously. And in this patch, we changed to the behaviour we have now; a non-destructive receive that only creates objects & data.

However, we do understand the need for an update mode. And to do this properly, we would be looking to do something similar to our Rhino connector, where we have a separate “create” and “update” modes.
We have this feature request tracked, but needs some more designing before we can start development. I’ll keep you updated on any progress, but right now I can’t give you any timescale on this.

Of course, version 2.15 of our connectors are still available, although please aware of the aforementioned problems, and they may be unable to receive data from newer versions of other connectors.

We’ll try and communicate these sorts of breaking changes better in future, particularly as we aim for a more stable and reliable Blender connector.

Thank you for your patience.


any update on this one? noticed it doesnt seem to be fixed yet in the WIP 2.19 version?

I note that this addon: oeykmiih/bpy_io_3dm - Codeberg.org does do basically what we are all after here but for 3dm files in terms of not creating duplicates and updating geometry…

Hi @modusforma,

I have no updates on this, nor can I give you any estimates on when we will work on this feature.

Please be patient with us, we are taking the time to re-design several things at the moment.
Implementing update mode in Blender affects more than just the Blender connector, we need to consider what Update mode looks like across several connectors, with specific workflows in mind.