Rhino Speckle Connector Server Link Issue

Other types of errors:
When I try adding a new account in the desktop Speckle Manager and I set a custom Server URL, it opens a 404 Page not found on the speckle website in my browser.

An example of the 404 errors I’m getting.

I also can’t zoom into my model in the 3D view? It keeps on snapping out.

@KatherineC if you have the latest version of the Rhino connector, you should see a toggle icon “NEW” at the top.

This will allow the URL you click on after a send to be formatted correctly for the server you are using.

speckle.xyz = streams, branches and commits
app.speckle.systems = projects, models and versions

We are looking at why this toggling hasn’t automatically been set for you, but for now this is a manual setting