Rhino Sender hangs when trying to send Marty's truck!

Great Scott!

Are there any logs that are stored locally that I can inspect? Or are we going where there will be no logs locally?

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In this instance, ExplodeBlock fixed it

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Thanks Jonathon for confirming it works.

A few questions:

  1. are there logs anywhere I can look at to see what is happening?
  2. What is different about these blocks? Could it be a memory issue?

I’ve enquired on two fronts.

  1. Not yet. Exposing logging is a project under consideration. It is currently only the conversion report that you have available. Options considered are to extend the reports to users beyond general Successes/Fails

  2. The fact is was a Block was the red herring here. We tracked the problem down to the UserText attached to the truck block.

    <.SenderInstanseUUID> 3aeef09c-d7ef-4f4f-91a4-5643e915bf0a
    <.SenderDefnitionUUID> 4aac5dd6-81ca-4f95-9fed-eabfc78175c9

    The preceding . for both keys is one of a limited set of invalid characters. I have raised an issue here: Bug: Rhino Connector stalls/hangs/bails on invalid strings in UserStrings keys · Issue #1993 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

    Two possible solutions present themselves for the time being. Commit the object and omit the invalid UserText values or sanitise the keys to omit invalid characters. The first can then report to user what has happened in the conversion:


Hi Michael, currently operation errors are logged at the top of the report panel if they are caught, but we aren’t storing a dump locally - this is definitely a good idea though and we’ll follow up internally.

I’ve debugging the file you sent and the issue was actually in the block instance having user strings with invalid characters (./) for our object serializer, and I’ve pushed a fix which will be merged in our upcoming 2.11 release :blush: You can check out the details here: fix(Rhino): handle invalid userstrings by clairekuang · Pull Request #1994 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub, now user strings with invalid chars will be omitted and a note will be added under the objects’ report.


This is fantastic! Thank you for the responsiveness. I’ll be sure to install the next release and continue to test this model that is loaded with all kinds of known problems. :slight_smile:

Regarding the log, in other applications of similar nature I use SnakeTail to subscribe to a log file as a process is taking place. I’d love to be able to watch the processes that are happening when a speckle stream is sent/received to help triage.