Rhino plugin unaligned UI graphics // GH account component not working as intended

Just installed the latest rhino plugin, but I think I found two bugs:

  1. after opening Rhino and loading the Speckle panel the UI graphics is offset:

    It seems like it’s only the graphic that has moved, as I can click in the black parts and switch between tabs…

Best, Kristjan

  1. in Grasshopper I can’t select an account when I right-click on the accounts component:

Best, Kristjan

Hello Kristjan!

  1. Regarding the UI graphics, that does look weird. Haven’t seen it before; could you share your graphics card + system specs?

  2. Regarding the grasshopper accounts: I think this has to do with a botched update. If you have previously installed the speckle rhino plugin via the .rhi we provided, and you opted “for all users”, then the new installer can’t uninstall the old plugin, so it gets confused as f**k.

To fix two, you’ll need to uninstall it beforehand by manually deleting the previous installation from its folder. You can find this like this:

You’ll just need to click on the small “details” link, and then a popup will appear that shows the folder location. Wipe that, reinstall the plugin and you should be fine. If the problem persists, we’re here! (albeit slower to react on sundays :smiley: )

Thanks Dimitrie,

  1. I’m on a HP Zbook 14u G5 with
    Intel® HD Graphics 620
    Intel® UHD Graphics 620
    AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 3100 Graphics (2 GB GDDR5 dedicated)

  2. This was the first time on this machine I installed Speckle, but did install it for all users. So much for thinking of others… :wink:

Best, Kristjan

That still leaves the weirdo rhino rendering in the rhino plugin. Will try to reproduce from work tomorrow, got also a HP toplap with similar specs.

Let me know if accounts are back online when you manage the reinstall part!