Rhino connector crashing Perspective View

Having a new error with the Rhino connector 2.17.
When hitting receive inside the plug-in, the data arrives but the perspective view of rhino crashes and switches to Right View.
If you go looking for it afterwards, Perspective View always shows you a blank screen.

On further inspection, the view doesn’t actually crash. It does switch automatically to a Right View, and if you change it back to Perspective view everything is extremely zoomed out (but not crashed as previously reported).

Receiving with any other view preselected also experiences the same behaviour (a switch to a zoomed out Right view)

Here is the behaviour in action after hitting receive:

Thank you for this report; it is peculiar and not something we’ve heard.

Can you confirm:

  • What version (build number) of Rhino you are using?
  • an indication of this happening on every Receive? or
  • Which interaction do you perform to recreate this issue reliably?
  • Do you have other plugins which interact with viewpoints on geometry creation?
  • Did this start with a new installation of a version of Speckle Connector?

Also, if you can give us some idea of the time you make these interactions, we can see if anything is logged on the system at that point, which might indicate what is occurring.

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Thanks for the quick reply.
Using Rhino 7.35.23346.11001
No other plugins.

Investigated further. It only happens receiving commits that have used the “Everything” selection method when sending from Rhino. Might be related to this method including camera position info?

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I can replicate this, and it is indeed whenever a Receive event fetches viewpoints that replace existing views with the same names.

Given that this may be a function of deleting/creating those views, and the application is not crashing, this may be registered as a “feature.”

Having established this is not a crash, is this breaking any workflows you have with Rhino? Are you losing work?

What would be your preferred User Experience were this not to happen?

Great to hear you found the same thing happening, though I wouldn’t exactly call it a feature.

Absolutely just related to user experience. It’s terrible to be forced to change your views layout every time you receive, as well as having to then zoom in and reposition the camera to be able to continue working. Just my personal view.

Thanks for looking into it.

Indeed, I’m considering it in the context of any unavoidable UX with the way views are handled, but can’t confirm right now.

I have added a development ticket to see if it can be addressed in a future release.

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