Rhino 8 Connector 2.19 wip

Hey everyone!

I’m having some issues with the current 2.19 wip version of the Rhino Connector on Rhino V8.

The connector fails to load the converter and neither pull or push data to the server.

I’ve trying here to pull on a Rhino 8 instance, a model pushed from a Rhino 7 one and it gives the following error (screenshot).

The UI is also not responding to “set selection” currently.

Not so crucial for me atm, using Rhino 7 works smooth, but I thought worth sharing for a future fix.


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Error suggests you have different versions of connectors installed. Can you make sure all connector versions aligned and try again?

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The connectors installed are currently all 2.18

As @gokermu referred, Somewhere in there you have the Objects library from 2.19wip installed while the connector version is 2.18 or vice versa.

If you are testing 2.19 for Rhino8 support, but it looks like connectors have been installed At version 2.18, I’d try an uninstall of GH&Rhino connector from manager.

While uninstalled, check in the plugin manager of Rhino (any version you are using) to see if another Speckle plugin is floating somewhere.

Then make sure 2.19wip is the version installed for all ADSK/mcneel/csi connectors.


Deleting all connectors and reinstall resolved the issue, many thanks!

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